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Burleson Youth Association 2018

In order to successfully submit your registration information you must:
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2) Submit payment online (if applicable)
(Credit Cards accepted: MasterCard, Visa, Discover)
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NOTE: Some older browsers work but they may create a security risk and/or corrupt the data you submit.

Please enter your name and birth date for verification.
* A Background Check for 2018 is required to coach a Prime team. The fee is $10 per team official, which is good for the whole year, 1/1/2018 thru 12/31/2018 for all sports. Their are no refunds for failed background checks or if you change your mind about coaching. All background checks are final. This may be completed at a later date.

Completion of this form does not guarantee that a badge will be issued as badge decisions are made by coaches and/or the sport VP.

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