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Total Soccer Training (TST)

The Total Soccer Training (TST) program designed by FC Richmond staff is different from other programs because it is club managed so there is no disconnect between match observation, individualized feedback, and customized training. Through specific communication from club directors and coaches to TST trainers, each session is built to maximize on-field performance. A soccer season is long and consists of high and low intensity weeks. With FC Richmond facilitating this program, each player’s weekly workload is assessed and managed to ensure proper work-to-rest ratio, allowing time for recovery and regeneration, and reducing the risk of injury.
FC Richmond
PO Box 2624
Midlothian VA 23113
Email: ian@fcrichmond.com

Registration Fees
6 Session Pack$360.00 per player
10 Session Pack$500.00 per player

Program Information:

  • Sessions will contain 2-6 players
  • 60 minute sessions will focus on technical training and match application
  • Rolling start dates (players may join sessions at any time based on availability)
  • Match observation and feedback from club coach and directors will be communicated to TST trainers so players receive training based on individual needs
  • Flexible training dates/time depending on player/coach schedules
  • Group training determined by needs of player
  • TST trainer/schedule will be based on needs, abilities, ages, etc. Entire FC Richmond staff is committed to integrating the TST program to help refine each player's skill level.
  • Zoom report evaluation provided at end of sessions
  • Training shirt included in fees

Important Information:

  • Registrations are not complete until all monies are received.
  • Be careful using a scroll mouse when making selections on the application form as it may alter your selections.
  • Do not use the backspace key, it may delete your registration.

In order to successfully submit your registration information you must:

1) Complete all requested information for each player.
2) Print the Certificate of Registration Page.

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    NOTE: Some older browsers work but they may create a security risk and/or corrupt the data you submit. Do not register via your smartphone.