The GroupNet Lite Lacrosse System allows your organization to easily accept online registrations for your youth/adult players and coaches. If desired, the system will also collect and keep track of your US Lacrosse fees for each registrant. Once your account is activated you will have access to all the forms and reports you need to track your valuable data and easily communicate with your members. All functions are Internet based so you can access them from any Internet connected computer. This system also supports a multi-level organization such as chapters, leagues and clubs.

The GroupNet Lite Lacrosse system includes:
  • Youth/Adult Player and Coach online registration forms
  • View/Edit of registrant data
  • Automation of fees including late fee, ability to shut down or wait list registration by your pre-defined groups (e.g. age, grade, gender)
  • Form for entry of Youth/Adult Player paper applications received
  • Team building module, including team contact rosters and emergency medical release rosters
  • Mass Email Communication System
  • Payment Received report
  • Manage and update authorized system users at various levels of access
  • Download data for Players and Coaches into Excel spreadsheet
  • Financial Report
  • Census Report
  • Waiting List Report
  • Control each pre-defined group for active, waitlist or shut down status
  • Download of data in correct format for submission to US Lacrosse, if required

To see a demonstration of the GroupNet Lite Lacrosse System

To see a demonstration of the GroupNet Lite Lacrosse System

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