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Jupiter - Tequesta Athletic Association
200 Military Trail
Jupiter, FL 33458

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If you are registering to volunteer as a coach, or assistant coach, you must be a NYSCA member and renew your membership annually. JTAA covers the NYSCA membership fee for coaches (new, returning, or adding a sport) who volunteer to coach under their association.
Important: If you are a returning coach needing to renew your NYSCA membership, please note JTAA will only cover the cost of 1 renewal annually.

If you are a NYSCA member, please enter your NYSCA ID (NOT YOUR PAYS ID), if known and sport:

(Include MBR- if part of your ID, Example: MBR-123456)

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1. If you have never completed the NYSCA training, please click here to sign up now.
2. If you are a NYSCA member, but do not know your member ID#, click here to locate your member ID.
3. If you are a NYSCA member, but are coaching in a different sport, click here to complete the additional sport training.
4. If you have an expired NYSCA membership, or your membership will expire before the end of the season, click here to renew your membership. Important: JTAA will only cover the cost of 1 renewal annually.
Please return to this page to complete the registration process, after signing up as a new member, adding a new sport, or renewing your membership.

In order to successfully complete registration you must:

1) Complete all requested information for each Sport & Area of Interest.

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  • Supported operating systems include: Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Mac OS X, Linux.
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