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Olney Boys & Girls Community Sports Association

To successfully complete registration you must complete all requested information for each sport and area of interest.

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NOTE: Always keep your operating system and browser updated to the latest version availableto minimize security risks and improve the operation of your computer.
  • Supported operating systems include: Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Mac OS X, Linux.
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  • NOTE: Some older browsers work but they may create a security risk and/or corrupt the data you submit.

    Olney Boys and Girls Community Association, Inc (OBGC), has a great deal of concern about the safety and abuse of children in any form. As persons who are interested in the well-being of children, we believe a background check process needs to be in place to better serve our members.

    We will not tolerate the abuse of any child or adult in any way and there are safeguards in place to try to catch individuals that are attempting to do just that. We make an active and, we believe, effective effort to prevent child sexual and/or physical abuse in our programs. We take any allegations by children and others very seriously, and refer allegations to the State law enforcement authorities for investigation, in which we fully cooperate, when we deem necessary.

    OBGC is a very risky place for anyone to attempt to abuse children or adults in any way.

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