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Registration On-Time Deadline Schedule
Basketball (Girls House):October 20, 2015$120 Instructional, Pony and Midgets
$140 Juniors/Seniors
Basketball (Boys House):October 20, 2015$120 Instructional, PeeWee and Midgets
$140 Juniors
$165 Seniors
Basketball (Rising Star):October 20, 2015No Charge for tryout registration
Basketball (I-270 Select):October 20, 2015No Charge for tryout registration
Wrestling (Select):November 4, 2015$165
Wrestling (Intramural):November 9, 2015$125
Travel Baseball:August 23, 2015varies by team
Travel Soccer:August 23, 2015$100

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    Fee Information

    • There may be a $25 late fee per player after the on-time registration deadline (sport may be closed and not accepting late registrations).
    • All players will be charged a $20 facility fee per sport.
    • A $60 annual family membership fee will be charged for new members and for returning members who did not pay the fee during the previous two registration periods (excluding Summer). Please contact the office if you believe that an annual family membership fee was incorrectly charged. No membership fee charged for summer sports or camps.

    Time or Dime Volunteer Program

    • OBGC's annual Time or Dime Volunteer Program helps ensure that our programs and activities are adequately staffed for our children.
    • When you register online for your child's sport, you will be required to either volunteer for an activity or pay $60 per family once per year. Summer sports or camps are exempt. You will be charged the $60 volunteer optout fee if you do not register yourself as a volunteer BEFORE registering your child as a player.
    • A parent must be registered in order to receive credit for volunteering. Coaches, Assistant Coaches, Team Managers must register each season and for each sport they work in order to correctly track volunteer commitment. If you are not selected to work your registered sport you will be asked to volunteer for another general position.
    • If you choose the buyout option, $60 will be added to your registration fee total.
    • If you register as a volunteer and do not work a designated position during the year, you will be assessed the $60 volunteer optout fee and a $60 penalty fee.
    • If you register as a volunteer but do not work any position, you will not be allowed to register a child for a sport until the optout fee is paid.

    Certificate of Registration Information

    • After completing the Player Registration Form including online payment information, click the "submit" button one time only. Please be patient. It may take a while for your information to be processed. You will see a Summary Page. You must go on to make payment for the registration to be complete and in the player database.
    • If for any reason your payment is not approved, or you are kicked off the browser, please re-register.
    • All registration forms from this page are on secure sites.
    • Once the form is processed, including the payment option, you will receive a Certificate of Registration.
    • Payment by credit card (VISA or MasterCard) is the only option beginning Fall 2007. Scholarship recipients or families that can not pay by cc should contact obgcadm@obgc.com.
    • A player is NOT registered until payment has been made.

    Refund Policy

    • Refunds will be issued for player withdrawal before creation of teams.

    STEP 1: Select your TIME OR DIME VOLUNTEER PROGRAM option:
    You must register as a volunteer in this step at least once per year to not pay the volunteer optout fee.

    STEP 2: Select a sport for your first player:

    STEP 3: Click the "Continue" button below to proceed:

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