Southern Nevada Soccer Association
Adult Soccer Team Registration
Spring 2018

Southern Nevada Soccer Association
2756 N. Green Valley Parkway #238
Henderson, NV 89014
(702) 568-0400



  • Team Manager registers team name and division, providing contact information for the team
  • Team Manager chooses whether he will pay the team fee in full or players will pay as they register for the team.
  • Team Manager must specify a password for the team and tell his prospective team members what the password is so that they may use it when registering and choosing a team.
  • Players register individually and select their team from a list. They must pay if the team fee has not been paid for them.
  • Players who are choosing a team must have the team's password (available from the Team Manager) when registering for the team.
  • Any players that would like to participate and do not have a team must register and choose "Do not have a team". These "Pool Players" will be assigned to a team if there are openings.
  • Players registered in the Coed Open division may not be rostered to a Coed Recreational team.
  • The Spring 2018 season starts on March 4th and ends on or before May 20th.
  • Games will be played at Heritage Park in Henderson, Nevada.
  • The registration deadline for the Spring 2018 season is February 19. We will accept late registration after February 19, but placement for players and teams that register after February 19 is not assured.
  • A player must turn 17 by March 4, 2018 to be eligible to participate in the SNSA Adult Soccer Program.
  • No refunds after February 25, 2018.

In order to successfully submit your TEAM registration information you must:

1) Complete all requested information
2) Choose your payment option; pay team fee in full to cover the first 15 players in Coed 8v8 (12 players in Coed 5v5), OR indicate that each individual player will pay directly when registering.
3) Complete the commitment options
4) Print the Certificate of Registration page

Make Sure Your Computer & Browser Meet The Following Requirements!
NOTE: Always keep your operating system and browser updated to the latest version available to minimize security risks and improve the operation of your computer.
  • Supported operating systems include: Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Mac OS X, Linux.
  • Supported browsers include: Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer 10, Firefox 42, Safari 10, Chrome 32 or newer versions of these browsers.
NOTE: Some older browsers work but they may create a security risk and/or corrupt the data you submit.

Please verify First Name/Last Name before completing your on line registration form.
You should manually enter name and not use the "Autofill" as this feature may cross first name and last name during registration.


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